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Why are Bird Deterrent Systems Beneficial?


When there are plenty of birds, their droppings create potential hazards.  In order to help maintain the appearance and functionality of a building, many facilities pay for landscaping, window washing, and other general services.  People hardly make mention of bird droppings when it comes to maintaining the appearance of any property.  When there are pigeons roosting on your window sill or gulls nesting near your rooftop, then this will definitely leave droppings behind.  Handling pest bird problems at your facility is a proactive approach, though there are other methods like anti-roosting wire system that consist of a series of parallel wires supported by narrow pins and help under tension by small springs.  In order for roosting to be difficult, the wires are installed at different height so that it comes in contact with the bird's wings which makes them very uncomfortable.  Another common and old method developed initially for agricultural use is the netting system.  This system eliminates bird control problems by preventing birds from nesting in recessed portions of the building, in light wells, or under eaves.


Other bird deterrents include ultrasonic high frequency sounds, gel coating, poisoned food, traps, and others.


Here are some common problems associated with birds on building.  Bird droppings and nesting material build-up near the ventilation system exposes residents of the building to health risks.  There are many diseases carried by bird droppings and people can suffer from this including those with compromised immune systems which can affect the young, elderly, and those with chronic illnesses.  These droppings are also very corrosive and the problem is can create is great because it can corrode building materials and machinery, ruin stored products, and if a company will do a clean up every year, it can cost them thousands of dollars.  Drains can get clogged with bird's nests. Go here to read more.


If your company has a maintenance crew that does the regular clean up of bird droppings in your facility, the only way to cut cost is to install bird deterrents around so that you crew can do other more important tasks.


Mind you, all these problems can be prevented by installing bird deterrents.  Therefore for you to be able to evaluate whether or not it is worth installing any of the measures describe about you must first evaluate your situation to see if it is worth the investment.  It is important that the areas where bird droppings affect your property is visited and basic information gathered to help you determine your next course of action.  One thing you should determine if it can easily be solved or if it is a complicated one.  Find out exactly where the birds are and what they are doing.  Birds can be nesting or just simply perching. Visit website for interesting information.